Bellatazza: a beautiful cup, a beautiful life

The Family:

Our coffee family consists of plantations, baristas, bakers, chai makers and guests alike. We all contribute in our individual way to creating this community of like minded people.

Every day, we each bring an element to life to share with each other. These elements can be thought provoking or simple chit-chat. Both are essential ends of the spectrum of human connection to make for a well rounded offering of life. We hold this group of people as a family; our coffee family.

Do Goodery:

It seems that people have become aware, awakening, to the social causes that can be addressed in a cup of coffee.  We’ve been leading that charge for about 20 years.  Through our Plantation Direct buying in Guatemala, we are supporting two children we have ‘adopted’ over the years. We see them in person twice a year and speak with their parents regularly through social media.   We are assisting them paying for their children education.  Each child’s schooling $2200 per year, plus supplies.  This education can lead them to changing not only their lives but the lives of their parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles.  We’re committed to this process and will see it through high-school.  When you support BELLATAZZA, we in turn Do Good.

The Purpose:

It’s a simple pleasure, when done right evokes day long joy. It’s our goal to bring you coffees from the key coffee regions, roasted to their individual point of excellence and present them in our unique style.

Our style can be summed up in a few ‘keywords’: Honest, sustainable, worldly, fresh, local, social, creative, community minded. Check your head and heart, chances are we’ll resonate with your values

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